Youth Duck Hunt Weekend at Cajun Fishing Adventures

Blog // Duck Hunting // The Experience // November 10, 2014

The weekend prior to the opening week of “big” duck season is a special one that is all about the next generation of waterfowl hunters. At Louisiana’s # 1 Fishing & Hunting Destination, Cajun Fishing Adventures, in conjunction with Paradise Louisiana TV, held a special youth hunt weekend where young hunters between the ages of 10-15 wrote essays about why they wanted the opportunity to hunt with us. The 15 most creative & unique essays won the invitations to hunt.

First of all, we created a hunting blind scenario out in our front yard to provide a proper classroom for the young hunters to learn all of the “do’s and don’ts” in the hunting setting.


Next, we took everyone across to the levee, where we set up a skeet shooting range for them to practice what they just learned in the duck barge.

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After dinner, they all tried to get a good nights’ rest, although most were restlessly anticipating the next days’ hunt following an early breakfast.

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Following the hunt, we prepared lunch for everyone, posed for pics & cleaned the birds.

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It was a weekend for giving back, providing opportunities for some whom might not be able to and just maybe this will be the driving force to pass this passion to the next generation once they reach adulthood.

This weekend would not have been possible without the assistance of the following;

Delta Waterfowl Foundation

Don Dubuc the Outdoor’s Guy

Ducks Unlimited

Federal Premium Ammunition

Outdoor Life Magazine

Paradise Louisiana TV

Be sure to catch Paradise Louisiana TV for this weeks’ Youth Hunt episode. Check your local tv guide or go to their website for more viewing details.

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Chris Holmes   11:25 am   Reply

Great job Ryan. What a fantastic idea. Let me know, I’d like to do an article on this program next year.


Steve Stevens   11:25 am   Reply

Capt Ryan I want to thank you for doing what you do. My son Cruz was one of the lucky hunters. Man he had a blast! He is learning that life long friends can be had with the comman passion for hunting and the outdoors. We watched the show and he was beaming from ear to ear, as was I.
Thanks Again

Adler Madere   11:25 am   Reply

I watched Paradise La this morning and saw what a great thing you are doing for those kids. It made my old heart go pitter/patter, especially when you mentioned your mentors, Cotton and Shelgy Duhe. God bless you, Adler

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