Walking Mullet = Bull Redfish

Blog // Fishing // The Experience // July 2, 2015

We are approaching a great time of the year when all of the winter snowmelt, spring and early summer rains over 37% of North America FINALLY drains through and out of the Mississippi River Delta, which then allows the river to recede and clean, green saltwater to intrude the bays and eventually the backwaters of the Delta. This is the welcome sign for the bait migration to invade and along with them — the big, bull Redfish. Patience is key here, being that we have to wait for the river to fall for the year to begin to see this happen.


The artificial arsenal used for this time of year is fairly broad, but today the spotlight is on one of Cajun Fishing Adventures‘ valuable product partners, LIVETARGET Lures Walking Mullet. They pay great attention to detail when designing their baits from an appearance standpoint. It’s a saltwater hardball, built sturdy, for the salt. Check out their entire line, online at LIVETARGETLures.com.

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