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What separates Louisiana saltwater fishing from everywhere else?


The Mississippi River Delta is widely recognized as a one of the top fisheries worldwide – both inshore & offshore. One of the many reasons “North America’s Largest River, the Mississippi, is drainage for 37% of all North America feeds the Delta with nutrient-rich freshwater. This creates a massive nursery for the base food sources that all of the wildlife need that inhabit in and around the Delta. Because of the unmatched food source, gamefish of all species gravitate toward the Delta and some even call it home. Our stretch of the Delta represents nearly 14% of all US wetlands.

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Within the inshore marshes and bays of the lower Mississippi River Delta, resides the very best Redfish estuary in saltwater. They thrive in immense numbers year-round. There are many good areas to fish for Redfish, but our marshes provide for the most prolific catching anywhere.

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The ever-popular Spotted Seatrout call the Mississippi Delta home in large schools, early spring though summer out on the fringes of the Delta. As the year progresses, the Mississippi River levels fall & the Spotted Seatrout move into many areas of the Delta for the remainder of the year, even within the banks of the river for a while. Since these Seatrout are mainly schooling, large numbers can be caught in a short time frame.


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You can target some of the biggest Black Drum caught around Gulf waters. They are in similar surroundings as Redfish, but they really like hanging around oyster reefs. The slot-sized Black Drum or called Puppy Drum, is considered popular table-fare in many of the French Quarter restaurants are found throughout the Delta. The huge Black Drum, up to 50 pounds, can be found in some surprisingly shallow conditions that make sight fishing extremely fun.

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Gulf Founder are not easy to target specifically, but are a daily surprise on the end of a bent fishing rod. Seasonally, we will see big schools of Jack Crevalle that are one of the strongest fights you will experience in light tackle saltwater fishing. Also, Sheepshead are another fun fish to sight fish around most areas of the Delta.

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Fishing**   $ 500.00 Per Person (Based on 3 persons per boat / per day) 

Fishing** $ 600.00 Per Person (Based on 2 persons per boat / per day)

Fishing**  $ 775.00 Per Person (Based on 1 person per boat / per day)

FlyHouse Fishing**   $ 650.00 Per Person (Based on 3 persons per boat / per day)                        

FlyHouse Fishing**  $ 700.00 Per Person (based on 2 persons per boat / per day)

FlyHouse Blast & Cast** $ 850.00 (per person / per day)

Cast & Blast**   $ 850.00 (per person / per day)

Lodging only**   $150.00 (per person / per day)

** The above packages include lodging, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Fishing only:  1-2 people   $ 650.00 (per boat / per day)

Fishing only: 3 people  $750.00 (per boat / per day)

Fishing only:  4 people   $ 850.00 (per boat / per day)

Fish cleaning and tackle are included in all trips.

Louisiana Licensing Available Here: http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/licenses/fishing

  Security & Cancellation Policy: A $150 security deposit is required per person/per day at time of booking to reserve your date and will be applied to the final invoice which is only refundable until 14 days prior to trip date. For cast and blast trips the deposit will be $300 per person/per day. Reservations are not considered firm until deposit is received.

Cancellation Policy: We accept cash, check, VISA, Master Card, American Express, & Discover. No shows will forfeit deposit (i.e., 10 person trip booked, 7 show up, the other 3 spots forfeit deposit.) If CFA cancels the trip due to tropical storms or severe weather, we will reschedule your trip within one year of the original scheduled dates.


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