First 7 Days of Teal Season

Blog // Duck Hunting // The Experience // September 16, 2016

Even though recent tropical storm, turned hurricane Hermine didn’t make a landfall in Louisiana, it did cause issues for the teal population we had prior to the weather event. A storm surge or just 2 feet created an environment where the teal couldn’t feed any more so they evacuated. That made the first week of teal season at Cajun Fishing Adventures, Louisiana’s #1 Fishing & Hunting Destination less than to be desired.


The good news is that with the Full Moon scenario in place this weekend, more birds are arriving and we’re hopeful to finish the 16-day season on a high note. So far, here’s are our numbers for the first 7 days and TODAY we experienced our first limits.

22 Blinds, 64 Hunters & 175 Teal (2.73 Hunter Average)



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