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Southeast Louisiana’s coastal wetlands are a place of national confluence & influence. 25% of all US oil and gas production originates here. 40% of the nation’s seafood harvest comes from here. Nearly 14% of the United States’ wetlands are located in Plaquemines Parish. It’s no wonder why large concentrations of waterfowl annual migrate to this area of the Mississippi Delta.


All hunters are safely transported across the Mississippi River in water taxis and into our exclusive hunting lease, which is at the mouth of a massive river diversion that disperses high nutrient freshwater that feeds the lease with an abundance of freshwater aquatics like wild sweet peas, tickweed, duck potatoes & snails that attract migrating ducks for their primary food source.


Once inside the lease, the water taxis wind their way through to a small bayou and the Go-Devil duck barges, for the most comfortable duck hunting you will experience. The water taxis pull up so that the customers, guide and his duck dog easily off-load into each barge. We have designed our hunts so that you don’t need waders or boots since you’re not getting wet. These barges allow you to go where the ducks are no matter your age or physical ability.

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After all have boarded their barge, everyone heads out to one of over 30 pre-built, drive-through duck blinds. Since we are in a tidal area, each and every blind is built with various tidal, current, wind conditions in mind. As the guide arrives at the blind, he power-poles the barge, brushes the barge, throws out decoys and starts calling the ducks in.


Each year, hunting begins in September* with early teal season. Most hunters are able to hunt in tennis shoes and lightweight camo for great numbers of primarily Blue-Wing Teal, with occasional Green-Wings.

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The traditional or “big” duck season begins in November and runs through January (State & Federal agencies have the authority to change official season dates annually. Official early teal season dates are typically announced in July and official duck season dates are typically announced in August). Unlike most areas up north that rely on just Mallards & Woodies, we are blessed with being at the bottom of the Mississippi Flyway, which provides us with a vast variety of birds like Pintail, Gadwall, Widgeon, Redhead, Canvasback, Scaup, Ringneck, Blue & Green-wing Teal, along with some Mallards.


After an enjoyable hunt, everyone meets back at the water taxis to head back across the River, then back to the Main Lodge for a hot lunch. While you’re eating lunch, the guides are cleaning your birds, just the way you want them. Blast & Cast customers turn around after lunch for an afternoon of world-class fishing for Redfish & Spotted Seatrout, Black Drum & Flounder.


Duck Hunting**  $500.00 (per person / per day)

Blast & Cast**  $750.00 (per person / per day)

FlyHouse Hunting** $600.00 (per person / day)

FlyHouse Blast & Cast**  $850.00.00 (per person / day)

** The above packages includes guided activities, lodging, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Duck Hunting only  $350.00 (per person / per day)

Louisiana State Hunting Licensing Available at: http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/licenses/hunting-licenses


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