Catch a fish of a LIFETIME!

Blog // Fishing // The Experience // June 17, 2014

We are very blessed here at Louisiana’s # 1 Fishing & Hunting Destination, Cajun Fishing Adventures. We have the opportunity to provide customers of catching a fish of their lifetime, nearly every week. This past weekend, Don Hanna of the Freddie Knapp group from Texas caught his personal best Redfish.


Don’s preserving that memory with a release mount from Gray Taxidermy, the world’s largest replica/release mount company in the business and Gray’s is a product partner of ours. We have assisted over a dozen customers in placing an incredible memory on the wall, while releasing that fish to live longer, breed many, many more Redfish for you to come and catch.

Below is a photo example of one of Gray’s artists with a release mount Redfish caught by one of our customers recently. If you’d like a release mount of one of your best fishing memories and still have detailed photos, give us a call and we can make it happen for you! Also, be thinking about this opportunity on your next trip to Cajun Fishing Adventures.

photoGT16172 Red

Cajun Fishing Adventures is a certified

Gray Taxidermy Dealer,


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