Buras Marsh Media Bash – Day 3 Pictorial

Blog // Fishing // The Experience // August 22, 2015

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Mustad’s Reid McKinstry

IMG_4924Reid McKinstry of Mustad

Cindy Nguyen & Sam Root from Mustad doubled-up on big, bull RedfishIMG_0646

Cindy Nguyen and her bull Red, caught on a LIVETARGET Lures Walking MulletIMG_0648

Lone Star Outdoor’s Craig NyhusIMG_4933

Mustad’s Sam Root and his bull Red, caught on a Glo-Charteuse Z-Man MinnowZ, rigged on one of Mustad’s new jigheads debuted at ICASTIMG_0649

A Buras Marsh Redfish fooled on a LIVETARGET Rigged ShrimpIMG_4934

Lone Star Outdoors writer Craig Nyhus (l), and LIVETARGET Lures’ Vic Cook doing the bull Redfish double dance around the Skeeter bay boat.


LIVETARGET Lures’ Vic Cook (l), and Lone Star Outdoor News writer Craig Nyhus (r)IMG_4937

A Buras Marsh Largemouth couldn’t resist the LIVETARGET Baitball PopperIMG_4939

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