13 Fishing – A New Product Partner of Cajun Fishing Adventures

Blog // Fishing // The Experience // October 10, 2016


Cajun Fishing Adventures is excited to announce the new product partnership with 13 Fishing. They are the rod/reel sponsor of the Buras Marsh Media Bash, held at CFA every August. Jose Chavez, Marketing Manager of 13 Fishing said “the value of the exposure Cajun Fishing Adventures  provides 13 Fishing with their massive annual customer base from 48 states and 13 foreign countries is immense for us.”


Ricky Teschendorf, 13 Fishing’s Product Manager said “we learned more in 3 days of field-testing here at Cajun Fishing Adventures  than in a year in many other places.” All of the full-time guides will eventually be outfitted with 13 Fishing baitcasting & spinning rods & reels to be utilized by our customer base as well as periodic field-testing for future product development.


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